About the Firm

About the Ernster Firm

The Ernster Law Firm is committed to accepting cases involving legal malpractice, attorney misconduct and civil rights violations by government, including police misconduct, as well as racial harassment and sexual harassment.  We do not represent insurance companies.  Instead, our passion is for helping people.  With a dedicated focus on specific types of civil rights abuses, The Ernster Law Firm offers quality representation to clients subjected to unfair, damaging violations of rights our laws are supposed to protect.

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About Cletus Ernster

Cletus Ernster, Ernster Law Firm - Houston, Texas

Cletus Ernster

Managing Partner

Cletus grew up in Cuero, Texas. He is a graduate of Woodberry Forest School (1986), Trinity University (1990) and Thurgood Marshall School of Law (1995).  He also attended the University of Houston as a graduate student, focusing on American History.  He began his law career in Houston working for the law firm Taylor & Cire, a personal injury litigation firm that handled a variety of injury and death related cases on behalf of plaintiffs.  Ernster’s law practice experience has included personal injury, civil rights, employment discrimination and racial profiling litigation.  In addition, he worked on the Texas Supreme Court case Haussecker v. Childs, 974 S.W.2d 31 (Tex.1998), a legal malpractice lawsuit. 

As an attorney, he has been recognized for achievement by the Texas NAACP, receiving a 2005 Special President’s Award.  In that same year, the NAACP Houston presented him with an Alex Award for Legal Excellence.  In addition, Ernster has received Congressional Recognition for outstanding efforts to fight for racial justice and equality for all and was a guest speaker at a University of Texas Symposium on Consumer Racial Profiling. 

He is a member of the State Bar of Texas, College of the State Bar of Texas, the Bar Association of the Federal Fifth Circuit, Houston Bar Association, Texas Center for Legal Ethics, Lawyers of Distinction, the National Police Accountability Project, and is a past board member of the Houston Chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association.

Why Choose The Ernster Firm?

Our main concern is helping people. Sometimes it’s not enough to get a case resolved to a client’s satisfaction because the chance to make a meaningful policy change exists. We will work to achieve meaningful change and when a meritorious case needs to go to trial, The Ernster Law Firm will try the case.